Sept. 27-30th - Stanford Testing for 2nd-8th graders

Sept. 28 - Student Singing in the Gym at 7:00 p.m.    

Oct. 1 - JH Cross Country at Grain Valley

Oct. 3 - JH Football at AC vs. Osceola at 5:30

Oct. 3 - JH Volleyball at Drexel at 5:30            

Make sure you have your tools for success and put them to good use.  

to Miss Amanda for driving both bus routes for us so far this year.  We appreciate you!  

I am so excited to nominate Bria for student of the week! Bria has done an excellent job adjusting to 1st grade. She has a great attitude with anything she is asked to correct or try again. Bria is kind to all of her classmates and I can always count on her to help when she is needed. Bria is working hard to understand what we are learning every day and I am so proud of her! Keep working hard, Bria! - Mrs. Thomas 

I can't believe the last week of September is here! We have been so busy in Preschool! So far we have learned the letters A and B. This week we will review those two letters and begin learning about the letter C. There are lots of fun things coming up in October! Look for Remind messages to come about these. A hard copy will come home next week.  Don't forget our first program Wednesday night! Be here at 6:50 in the cafeteria. We perform first at 7. Have a great, last week of September. - Miss Stacie

Kindergarten news

This week's theme is Transportation. We will continue on with learning the letter sounds /c k/, and reviewing s, a, t, p, i, n. Please work on these letter names and sounds, rhyming, and reviewing your students sight words with them.  I know evenings get busy, but a few minutes of practicing these at home will help your students as they become readers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. See you all Wednesday evening! - Mrs. Stewart 

1st grade news
2nd grade news

First and second grade are on a roll with learning all things reading and math! This week in first grade we are talking all things pumpkins! We will be reading the nonfiction story, From Seed to Plant by Wendy Pferrer. We will also be reading additional stories about pumpkins throughout the week. We will be discussing main idea and details, as well as sequence of events (in this case the life cycle of a pumpkin). We will work on reading and writing sentences on how a pumpkin grows. We are about to wrap up short vowel sounds and move on to long vowel sounds. We will also be working on when to use question marks and exclamation points in our writing. In math we are working on identifying and counting numbers 20-29, writing number sentences and identifying shapes. Please continue reading as much as you can at home. It helps learn their sight words as well as fluency. In second grade we will read the story Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox. We will talk about making inferences as we read. In grammar we will go over verbs and continue learning about adjectives. Next week, we will start cursive in handwriting! The students have been excited to start this. In math we will work on writing and solving addition facts (adding up to 9). We will also be identifying geometric shapes. - Mrs. Thomas  

3rd grade news
4th grade news

Welcome back! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend. We will continue to do Stanford testing this week. Our class will have a spelling test on Friday, even though it is a short week. There will not be a pretest this week. Third grade will have a math test on Friday. It is very important that students are practicing math facts and spelling words nightly. Please, let me know if you have any questions. - Mrs. Cooper 

5th grade news
6th grade news

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! 5th and 6th graders will continue Stanford testing today and tomorrow. In Science, 5th grade will look at invertebrates and 6th grade will be starting a new unit on matter. In Reading, 5th grade will look at figurative language and 6th grade will read about plot and characters. 5th grade will have a Social Studies test on Friday over Ch. 1 L. 1 & 2 and 6th grade will also have a test on Friday over Ch. 1. Both grades will be starting "Studies Weekly" in Social Studies and Science this week.  Please make sure to keep reading -- the 2nd AR book for the quarter should be passed by Wednesday. 7/8 Comm. Arts: Students will have a test over character and point of view on Friday. They will also continue typing on Patriot's Pen essays. - Mrs. Foster

7th & 8th grade news

5/6 Math: In  fifth grade, students are working on story problems with multiplication patterns, divisibility rules, and the order of operations. In sixth grade, students are working on factors and GCF, divisibility rules, and story problems involving part/whole relationships. Tests This Week: 6th Math: Wednesday

7/8: In social studies, seventh grade will continue their unit on ancient civilizations from around the world. In eighth grade, students are learning about early European groups in the Americas. In science, seventh grade will be looking at electricity and magnetism. I'm hoping to have the students do an activity in which they will replicate an electric motor. Tests This Week: 7/8 Social Studies: Wednesday, Pre-Algebra: Thursday - Mr. Ewing 

SUPPORTIVE - providing encouragement or help

Student performance Wednesday, September 28th at 7 p.m. Be here at 6:50 p.m.  


Preschool Party - Monday, October 31 @ 10:20

Elementary Party - Monday, October 31 @ 2:40

Wear your costumes!! 


Monday, October 24 – Pjs

Tuesday, October 25 – Hats (get creative!)

Wednesday, October 26 – Wear as much of the assigned color as you can…

Preschool – yellow

Kindergarten – purple

1/2 – orange

3/4 – red

5/6 – green

7/8 – blue

(Not a classroom teacher? Pick a color!)

Thursday, October 27 – Plaid - early out/conferences

Friday, October 28 – No school

Monday, October 31st – Halloween costumes 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - the Hudson Chili Supper will be held in the gym on Saturday, November 5th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

PTO dues should be paid by November 1st in order to be a member in good standing and to be able to vote on PTO issues. These dues are $5.00 per person. Please send in your money as soon as possible.  

Scanning your receipts by using the Box Tops App will help Hudson earn money. It's easy to do, free, and benefits the students. Check it out! 



 All elementary students who are dropped off by personal vehicle need to enter through the

main front door. Please do not drop off before 7:40 a.m. Thank you!


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