6000 Instructional Services

P 6110 Curriculum Development

P 6111 Curriculum Planning

P 6112 Curriculum Research

P 6113 Curriculum Design

P 6114 Curriculum Adoption

P 6115 State Mandated Curriculum: American History

P 6116 State Mandated Curriculum: Human Sexuality

P 6117 Veteran's Day Commemoration

P 6118 State Mandated Curriculum-Mental Health Awareness

P 6119 Computer Science Class

P 6120 Curriculum Guides

P 6130 Drug Education

P 6135 Driver's Training Program

P 6140 Services for Students with Disabilities

PR 6145 Service Animals in Schools

P 6150 Curriculum for At-Risk Students

P 6160 Gifted Education Program

P 6170 Early Childhood Education

PF 6180 English Language Learner (ELL)

PRF 6190 Virtual Education

PR 6191 Virtual Education - Full-Time Equivalent

P 6210 Instructional Time

PR 6215 Reading Success

P 6220 Student Teachers and Interns

PR 6230 Textbook Selection and Adoption

PR 6231 Textbook Usage - Students

P 6240 Instructional Materials

PRF 6241 Challenged Materials

P 6242 Religious or Controversial Issues

P 6243 Copyrighted Materials

PRF 6250 Instruction for Students with Disabilities

PR 6251 Blind Students Independence, Training and Education 

PR 6255 Independent Educational Evaluation Policy for Disabled Students under the IDEA

P 6260 Educational Surrogate

PR 6270 Instruction for At-Risk Students

P 6271 Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students

P 6272 Instruction for Preschool Students

P 6273 Underperforming Test Scores 

P 6274 Instruction for Migrant Students

PR 6275 Instruction for Homebound Students

PR 6280 Vocational/Technical Education

PR 6310 School Libraries

PR 6320 Internet Usage

P 6410 Evaluation of Instructional Programs

P 6420 Test Security

P 6440 Statewide Assessments

P 6445 Screening for Dyslexia

PR 6450 Assignment of Grades

P 6510 Instruction for Adults

P 6530 Email Records and Electronically Stored Information

PR 6531 Records Retention/Destruction

Last modified: August 24, 2019